IdRef for cataloguers

Chapter 5. Transliteration


This function can be used to transliterate non-Latin scripts. The following non-Latin scripts are available: Arab, Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew.


Create a new record with just one 2XX field without entering any information on the script of the form ($7 in the Unimarc format).

Save the record:

Modify the newly created record:

Choose the script for the form selected in field 200 (sub-field $7).

Add a 2XX field then add a sub-field $7 to this and select a type of script for the transliterated form:

Click on the delete button for sub-field $a and sub-field $b of the duplicate 200 field:

Click on the Transliterate button:

Fields 200 $a and $b are thus filled in and transliterated:

Save the record:

The procedure is similar for the transliteration of fields 4XX and 7XX.