IdRef for developers

3.4.  Bibliographic micro Web Service

If the identifier of an authority record of the Personal name type is known, it is possible to access the list of documents described by the Sudoc with which this person is associated.

For example :

Identifier (PPN) of the Paul Veyne record: 027182800

URL of the micro Web Service:

XML response (extract):

<sudoc service="biblio">





<name>Veyne, Paul (1930-....)</name>




<roleName>Code de fonction non reconnu</roleName>





Kannten die Griechen die Demokratie ? : zwei Studien / Christian Meier, Paul Veyne / Berlin : K. Wagenbach , 1988



JSON response:

By default, the URL gives an XML response.

Thanks to the contents negotiation, you can ask that this generic URL gives specifically a JSON response, by specifying in the http request:

Accept: text/json

Finally, specific URLs exist that force the response format, as indicated in the following summary table:

Identifier of the Sudoc record


Generic URL

(supports content negotiation)

Specific XML URL

Specific JSON URL