IdRef for end-users

2.2. Filters

There is a corresponding choice of filter for each given search type.

See below: filters "Living or not" / "Geographic" or "Corporate body" for a search using the index Corporate name:

See below: the "In heading" / "In subdivision" / "FMeSH" or "Rameau" [3] filters for a search using the "Topical Subject" index:

See below: the "Author Title" / "Title" type of record filter for a search with the Title index:

These filters are disabled in the default mode when starting to search for records on IdRef.

[3] RAMEAU is a French system made up of a directory of interlinked subject authority records which contain vocabulary and information used to construct subject headings in a bibliographic file. Together, these records constitute the French National Authority List which is managed by the National RAMEAU Centre. (Source: BNF, National Library of France)