IdRef for end-users

2.5. Display

The "Search" tab displays just the first 30 autofill results:

If the name you are searching on is very common, you will need to use the truncation function:

You will then be able to scroll through, sort and/or filter the results.

For similar reasons linked to the user-friendliness and fluidity of the application, on the Record tab it is not possible to display more than thirty links even if there are more in the breakdown of results according to their role.

Here is an example to illustrate this. From the 2470 bibliographic records linked to PPN 027204332, only the "last" 30 will be displayed.

Conversely the breakdowns of results according to function codes will be displayed and a link ("See all") enables users to display all these bibliographic records in the SUDOC public catalogue.


Display of linked bibliographic records.

Display abbreviated record.


Rejected forms, linked forms and subdivisions are indexed.

A record from a given index can therefore be displayed in the results returned after a search on another index.


Batch exports in MarcXML.