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IdRef for developers

Version du 27-10-2016

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Using the Solr API to query IdRef
2.1. Presentation
2.2. The possible display fields
2.3. The possible indexes
2.4. The possible filters
2.5. Possible sorting fields
3. To access the data of an authority by a REST-type Web Service
3.1. Presentation
3.3. RDF format, data Web, content negotiation
3.4. Bibliographic micro Web Service
3.5. Merged Micro Web Service
3.5.1. Aim
3.5.2. Structure of the information in XML format
3.5.3. Request
3.5.4. Multiple possible requests
3.5.5. Answer in XML
3.5.6. Answer in JSON format
3.6. Iln2rcr micro Web Service
3.6.1. Aim
3.6.2. Request
3.6.3. Possible multiple requests
3.6.4. Answer in XML
3.6.5. Answer in JSON format
3.6.6. Display of the geolocation
3.7. A request allowing the authorities to be queried by the date of alteration
4. Interaction with IdRef forms, by Javascript
4.1. Presentation
4.2. Installation of the code needed around your application
4.3. JavaScript code to add to your application
4.4. Construction of the inquiry (envoiClient) :
4.4.1. Indexes
4.4.2. Filters
4.4.3. Send the values to complete the application form for record creation
4.4.4. AutoClick parameter (obligatory)
4.5. Information returned by IdRef (data)